Welcome to the Jarrett Lobley Project

“The Jarrett Lobley Project is ‘True Grit’. Lyrically and vocally reminiscent of Tom Waits and The Doors. What a passionate delivery, a truly rockin' live act.”
“The Jarrett Lobley Project’s recordings Rock, plain and simple. When I witnessed the band live, I truly experienced the full power and potential of this band. With his “tell it like it is” lyrics and driving rhythm section, The Jarrett Lobley Project is a musical force to be reckoned with."
- Dave Swiecicki - JET SET SATELLITE

With many life experiences and some honors, Jarrett Lobley is truly a doctor without borders, on a mission to connect with people through music, medicine and travel.

Jarrett Lobley performs countless live shows that have seen him grace stages in New York City, the Caribbean and across Canada, including a pre-game performance for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)’ at the Investors Group Field stadium in 2013 and placed 4th in the Sirius XM Radio’s "Rock The Grey Cup" Challenge, along side bands like Head of the Herd and One Bad Son (2013 Grey Cup Opener).

His debut album, "Get it Out", features a plethora of messages and musical styles. The first two singles "Soul Mates" and "Mellow" are both accompanied by captivating music videos. Many of the album tracks have received air-play on numerous radio stations across Canada, with more features and interviews coming soon. The album is available for streaming and purchase from You Tube to iTunes.


“A unique musical style, making reference to the past through a contemporary perspective. I would give this body of work, the title ‘optimistic cynicism’. A superb storyteller! Raw, bold, honest, humorous and charming.“
- Dr. Natalie LeBlanc - Artist/Teacher

A passionate songwriter who thrives on sharing his experiences and respective insight with his friends and fans alike. His music is influenced by his early childhood exposure to jazz and classical, while his teenage years led him to blues, rock, grunge and electronica. With this, Jarrett traveled the globe, learning the language of music along the way.

Lobley says; "This album is a collection of all the noise – in our heads, from our experiences and observation, our thoughts and feeling. It’s a collection of our silent screams while others up the Joneses." "Singing about it is like spring cleaning for my mind."

From busboy to maître D, from landscaper to stonemason, from community volunteer to world traveler (100 Countries), from soccer coach to motivational speaker, from philanthropist to medical doctor, from firefighter to pilot; from athlete to janitor. A life enriched with experiences that have witnessed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat… a few times each!

“What a long strange trip it’s been” … so far …
- Jerry Garcia.