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In his first official studio release The Jarrett Lobley Project’s ‘Better Days’ recording sessions are the artistic result of a creative circle of close friends, Juno winning artists and musicians.  This musical alliance taps into the roots of their collective nature and expands their musical horizons with a new found approach to the song writing and production process.

From the delicate resonance of regret heard in “Moon”, to the buoyant tribute to life delivered in “Better Days”, and the deep harmonic layers embedded in “Lantern”, this recording session’s musical pilgrimage brings listeners closer to their own inner reflections and situations.

Dr. Jarrett Lobley's latest remedies and audio concoctions are sure to soothe your ears, ease your mind, & patter a few hearts.

“The Jarrett Lobley Project is ‘True Grit’. Lyrically & vocally reminiscent of Beck, The Strokes & the Sam Roberts Band. What a passionate delivery, a truly rockin' live act.”

“The Jarrett Lobley Project’s recordings Rock, plain and simple. When I witnessed the band live, I truly experienced the full power and potential of this band. With his “tell it like it is” lyrics and driving rhythm section, The Jarrett Lobley Project is a musical force to be reckoned with."
- Dave Swiecicki - JET SET SATELLITE


In 2014, after a night spent reminiscing with longtime friend and producer, Mike Nash, Lobley and Nash decided to embark together on a musical expedition. They would combine their talents to complete production of a long anticipated collaboration that arguably first started in their teens.

Lobley and Nash set out to reunite in their Montreal studio, a range of talent including Tara Martin on drums (Ladies of the Canyon/Warner Music), Dave Swiecicki (Jet Set Satellite/Nettwerk Music Group) on synths, vibes and bass, and Ryan Battistuzzi (Juno winner 2012 for Malajube) on guitars and studio engineer. Joining long-time friend Tim Doyle (Juno winner 2008 for Mikey Dangerous, Sizzla, The Planet Smashers) in his beachside Mixing studio in Jamaica, they bound the tracks into their final forms, now known as “Better Days”.