In their first official studio release, The Jarrett Lobley Project’s “Better Days” recording sessions has helped re-invent JLP’s sound, expand their musical horizons, and set-out to re-unite a creative circle of friends, artists & musicians into the roots of their collective nature.

Together, their musical alliance soars deeper into a newfound approach at the songwriting and production process, bringing an innovative direction to the collective’s latest recordings. From the delicate nostalgic liberations of regret heard in “Moon”, to the buoyant tribute to life delivered in “Better Days”, and the deep harmonic layers dwelling throughout “Lantern”, this recording session’s musical journey brings listeners into various venues of their thoughts, their inner reflections, life situations, & everyday unexpected surprises.

Dr. Jarrett Lobley's latest remedies and audio concoctions are sure to soothe your ears, ease your minds, and lively-up a few hearts... no need for a prescription, or a visit to the clinic for these health benefits… just layback and listen...

“The Jarrett Lobley Project is ‘True Grit’. Lyrically and vocally reminiscent of Tom Waits and The Doors. What a passionate delivery, a truly rockin' live act.”